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We deliver NORSOK Leadership and Management courses to help you to develop the skills that are essential for all leaders and managers.
The training looks at the different qualities you may adopt, techniques for motivating and coaching your team, how to develop your emotional skills, and how to maximise your use of time.

About the Course:

Anyone wishing to work in Norway as a Diving Superintendent, Diving Supervisor or Life Support Supervisors must receive NORSOK Leadership Management Training to qualify.

The content of this course is compliant with the NORSOK U-100 Training Requirements for Personnel Engaged in Manned Underwater Operations, Annex B.

Training can be delivered using Social Media, Teamviewer or similiar.


"Immediately I felt like talking to a well seasoned instructor who held the lecture/class like a well seasoned veteran. Fantastic points been shared which are coming from experience and couldn’t be found in books.
The course is focused around Offshore Diving Operations and is a good tool for asking right questions and to learn how to act in different situations, and provide an insight into the responsibilities you require to be an effective Diving Supervisor(leader).
An inclusive course that will be of benefit to all level of attendees.
I’m very happy that I have attended the course and managed to take some valuable information away to improve my leadership style."

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